This Austrian Bar’s Sign Banning Islamic Migrants is Classic


The German Kurier reports that the Cafe am Platz “Lilli” in Althofen, announced it was banning Muslims migrants/refugees from eating and drinking in its cafe/pubs.The English translation reads that Peter Moser, owner of “Cafe Lilli” in Althofen, announced, and links to his Facebook post:

It no longer works. My guests are afraid. Thus the situation does not escalate, I must grant local prohibition refugees.

“Some guests do not feel more comfortable when you’re in the pub, we must pay attention to the needs of our guests and can no longer serve the refugees. “



The post explains:

.. Saturday night there was the local live music, we also had two refugees here as they stare women dragging them with their eyes from literally when they go to the bathroom.” Moser warned the Muslims that if they didn’t behave properly they would be turned away from the cafe and banned. But a few days later, on Monday, they just repeated their behavior.

“The sentiment against refugees is negative.” Moser writes. In Althofen, the “different cultures [of Islamists and Germans] that do not match, clearly not.” He emphasizes that he was married to a Hungarian, and he doesn’t want to come across as “xenophobic.” But Moser will not serve them. He says, “Refugees do not receive drinks and no food.”

The Kurier reports that the local mayor Alexander Benedict is “surprised by this measure,” stating that as he also acts as a deputy post commander at Althofen’s police station, that “I have no incidents involving asylum seekers known.” Currently, 28 asylum seekers are housed in Althofen.

The Kurier also reports of a similar situation that occurred in northern Austria, in Bad Ischl, earlier this year. In January, a bar owner announced a local ban on “asylum seekers,” and the owner was investigated for “suspicion of incitement.”

March 31, 2016

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