This is the #1 State Being Overrun by Islamist Non-Refugees [video]

Karen Sherman, formerly of Amarillo, Tex., now of Missoula, Mont., is warning citizensabout Obama’s unconstitutional refugee resettlement efforts, which are bringing with them the kind of “civil unrest” Europe is now facing. She correctly claims that refugees are being given preferential treatment ahead of citizens from receiving medical, educational, social security, or disability benefits. She left Texas, fed up that it has become the number one destination in America where Obama is sending non-refugee Islamist refugees.

And of all the cities in Texas, Amarillo gets more than any other city. Amarillo’s mayor, Paul Harpole, recently testified in Austin before the State’s Senate Committee on Health and Human Services about the numerous problems associated with refugee resettlement in Amarillo. He listed what he called disparities among the resettlement rates in Amarillo to other cities in Texas, and nationwide, repeating a claim he’s made several times:

The City of Amarillo gets more refugees per 100,000 population than any city in the world.”

According to the per capita figures of U.S. cities, he explained that Amarillo should be taking between 65-90 refugees a year, instead it’s getting roughly 500.

And according to the Amarillo Times, the ESL Program Supervisor for the Amarillo Independent School District (ISD) confirms that Amarillo has an influx of roughly 1,400 refugee students. Accounting for the different dialects of the 14 different languages refugees in the area speak, at least 75 languages are spoken in Amarillo’s ISD schools alone.

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