This is what Happens to Women in Germany Who Don’t Cover Up [WARNING: Graphic Video]

Sadly, in 2016 Germany, women are being treated the same way they are in Iran if they do not dress according to Shari’a law. In Iran, acid attacks are frequently perpetrated against women and girls who do not wear proper hijab. A hijab is the scarf that covers the head and chest and is supposed to be pinned around the face so that the woman’s hair and neck are covered. If the hijab is worn incorrectly, according to Sharia police, they suffer being beaten, doused with acid or lit on fire, beaten, prison, or death.

In this case, a woman in Germany was doused with fire. This is Islam. This is how women are treated under Islam. And it’s now being carried out on the streets and metro station platforms of Germany.

Here is a clip from Germany’s Ch. 24 News that was suspended by Twitter:

Fortunately, LiveLeak saved the news report online:

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