This Man Spent Over $5,000 to Become a DOG [VIDEO]

Another “trans-species” phenomenon is now entering the world of paranormal nonsense being propagated as “normal,” and “reality.” According to a British Channel 4 feature just recently aired and promoted, a 32-year-old lighting technician, Tom (or “Spot,” which he prefers to be called), paid more than $5,000 to become a dog.

A full-body latex or leather dog costume isn’t really a sexual fetish, Tom claims, but a gender preference he calls “puppy play.” Being a dog enables him to be “at peace with himself” and “to live in the moment.” He says:

You can find such enjoyment in simple things — such as getting tennis balls thrown for you! And treats! My pup side doesn’t tend to get me in trouble, but sometimes when I’m in a pet store I can get odd looks from the staff when they see how excited I get over the chew toys.”

Becoming a dog enables Tom (or Spot) to “escape from the stresses of everyday life.” He adds,

Being a dog is a chance to relax, to unwind, and just be happy and playful — things most adults have very little time in the day to do.”

According toThe Daily TelegraphTom has spent roughly $5,800 on his costumes and dog accessories.

man dog tumbler

The exposé called, “The Secret Life of the Human Pups,” was featured on Channel 4, which the news site warns is not safe for work (NSFW).

This article was first published on May 27, 2016.

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