“Tolerating” Parents Who Kill Their Daughters

Ex-Muslim Sabatina James write in her latest book, Only the Truth Sets Us Free, what few are willing to discuss: Islam and Sharia law institutionalize violence against women. James tells her own story of how she escaped death– at the hands of their parents for refusing to submit to their arranged marriage between she and her Pakistani cousin.

She argues that westerners who hide behind the guise of “false tolerance” only belittle women and condone extensive human rights abuses committed against women and girls by Shari’a law.

James also implores western leaders to expel Islamists– especially those who refuse to integrate into a western country. She says:

Those who are unwilling to deport anti-democratic Islamists should not be surprised of more attacks to come.”

James recounts her experience of first arriving in Austria with her family at age ten. Her father explained that western culture (jeans, t-shirts, make-up and acting lessons) was “for prostitutes.” And she writes that her child-like innocence was punished with humiliation and physical beatings:

When my mother found my diary one day and learned that I had kissed a boy in the park after school, she cracked me across the cheek, slammed me against the wall, and kicked my legs, calling me a whore. One day, when she found a T-shirt that she felt was too skimpy, she smacked me hard in the face with a shoe, splitting my lip.”

In her early twenties, James fled Austria, changed her name, and later converted to Catholicism in 2003. She’s written several books about her experiences, for which she receives ongoing death threats. James now lives under police protection in Germany and regularly changes locations for her safety.

James founded Sabatina e.V., a foundation to help Muslim women escape from familial violence, forced marriages, and honor killings. In a Mar. 3, 2012 Newsweek article, she explains her motivation:

Today I’m trying to break the marry-or-die tradition. I run a foundation called Sabatina, in Germany, where I live. My group acts as an underground railroad, helping women escape their families by finding them shelter and jobs.

“Sharia is now finally with us, and the victims are primarily women. A parallel justice system is being practiced, one which maintains the mantra: either women submit to systematic violence, or they will be liquidated.

“In the midst of Europe we’re talking about thousands of women living under a death sentence. Even within my family.”

She pleads with Westerners to no longer “tolerate” human rights abuses against women and girls institutionalized throughout Islamic law. She asks:

The religion that causes the most bloodshed is being protected the most. I find that totally paradoxical. And sometimes by those who carry the banner of gender equality, multiculturalism and the right to sexual self-determination. I wonder what makes these people tick. Total naivety? Or are they afraid of the truth?”

The answer is still to be determined, as to when westerners, especially Americans, will defend women and children who cannot defend themselves from the tyranny of Islam.

November 30, 2015

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