U.S. Immigration System at Work: Naturalized Citizen Becomes ISIS Recruiter

Unsurprisingly, another naturalized citizen from an Islamic-controlled country attempted to commit and encourage others to commit acts of terrorism.

A 31-year old pizza shop owner, Mufid Elfgeeh, born in Yemen, who later moved to Rochester, New York, pled guilty yesterday in federal court to two counts of criminal charges for providing “material support or resources” (recruits) to a foreign terrorist organization, ISIS.

Elfgeeh pled guilty to recruiting one local Rochester man, to attempting to recruit a second local man; and for recruiting a Yemeni man to join ISIS. The FBI reported the two local men were informants and the Yemeni man was not.

Elfgeeh admitted he planned to travel to Syria and join ISIS with two local would-be recruits. He believed that by fighting he would help establish a caliphate in the Middle East. He also sent money to the Yemeni recruit, who ended up not traveling to Syria.

The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle reported that Elfgeeh used social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp to recruit Americans to join ISIS. He also planned to buy guns to kill returning American troops.

Elfgeeh was arrested on May 31, 2014 when he attempted to buy guns from an informant. His arrest was a result of coordinated efforts among the Rochester’s Joint Terrorism Task Force, FBI agents and local police.

Elfgeeh was sentenced to 22.5 years in prison for crimes he admitted were acts of terrorism.

In his plea, Elfgeeh mentioned that he had once said,

“a person who helps or sponsors a fighter to engage in violent jihad obtains the same religious rewards from Allah as the fighter himself.”

Instead of targeting Islamists already in America who are likely to commit terrorism, or preventing refugees from entering America who admit they hate America, America’s “leaders” have intentionally betrayed Americans to destroy their way of life.

These acts alone, combined with many others, meet the four criteria Sam Adams identified when armed rebellion is a necessary requirement for citizens.

Even Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) remarked that Americans would soon be in open rebellion because of their betrayal by the Republican Party.

December 18, 2015

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