Un-Mosquing Obama’s Fictional History About America, Again.

Nearly one year ago to the day, “Obama’s Fictional History About Islam and the Crusades” was published in response to Obama’s false remarks about Christianity, the Crusades, and Islam– at a national prayer breakfast.

This year, Obama continues to import Islamist “Syrian refugees” who admit they hate America, who are also modern-day crusaders. And he recently announced even more buffoonery at a terrorist-connected Islamic Center in Baltimore.

Obama’s lies about Islam, denial of historical facts and invention of entirely fictional ones continue. Contrary to Obama’s claims, historical facts reveal that Islam has never been a friend of America. Ever.

The early Americans knew full well world history, which meant they were well aware that their new enemy had been invading the West since the 7th Century.

The Barbary Pirates had been attacking the West since the 13th Century and began attacking American ships after the War of Independence. Algerian Dey Muhammad declared war on the United States, creating a catalyst for two separate wars America fought against Tripoli (1801-1805) and Algiers (1815-1816).

In fact, their threat was so great that delegates to the newly formed American government urged their states to ratify the U.S. Constitution. They believed their survival depended on a strong federal union and a strong Navy to protect them from the Algerians.

In The Federalist No. 24, Alexander Hamilton asserted without a “federal navy . . . of respectable weight . . . the genius of American Merchants and Navigators would be stifled and lost.” Likewise, John Jay, in his letters, wrote, “Algerian Corsairs and the Pirates of Tunis and Tripoli” would compel the feeble American states to unite, since “the more we are ill-treated abroad the more we shall unite and consolidate at home.”

Conflict between America and Islam is centuries old. “From the Halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli, We fight our country’s battles, In the air, on land, and sea;” U.S. Marines fought Muslims at great human cost. No one can forget the bravery of Marine Lieutenant Presley O’Bannon who famously, tragically, and fearlessly led Marines and mercenaries up the Nile River and across miles of desert to capture the Tripolitan port of Derna.

Nor can one forget that the ongoing conflict resulting from the Ottoman Empire’s demise continues throughout the Balkan, Crimean, Chechen, and Ukrainian regions. Centuries of strife that spanned three continents and caused the Great War and its tragic aftermath appear endless.

In the 7th Century after Muhammad fled Medina, he led numerous battles against non-Muslims. Within one generation, his converts left Arabia to invade and conquer as much territory as they could. They headed northwest, invading the entire Mediterranean and North African regions, and northeast, invading former Russian and Mongolian regions.

Muhammad’s followers sacked Jerusalem, Rome, Constantinople, and thousands of other cities and towns in which no Muslim had previously lived.

In fact, it was not until several hundred years later in 1095 that Pope Urban II asked for help to liberate Rome from Islamic invasion. 

To be clear: It was the Muslims who invaded Spain, France, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, Libya, Jordan, Syria, Iran, and Iraq — and Muhammad’s followers are still invading non-Muslims countries.

And it was Islamists who organized and implemented the most expansive slavery enterprise — ever — in history of the world. In fact, historians have estimated that Muslims have enslaved over 100 million people over 14 centuries. Additionally, Muslims enslaved Africans 1,000 years prior to the European African slave trade and continued another 100 years after Europeans abolished it.

Muhammad killed innocent people propagating a message of hate. Obama, as a Muslim, knows full well that Islam means “surrender” to Allah– or death– and is inherently violent. And taqiyya, lying encouraged by Muhammad, is why Obama has no problem lying.

Instead of speaking at at an Islamic center, Obama should have led the charge to have it shut down– because both the U.S. Constitution and existing immigration law demand it.

February 6, 2016

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