Understanding the U.K.’s Islamic Invasion

By 2050— some argue within ten years— the U.K. will be an Islamic-controlled, majority nation. This is a result of several factors.

First, intentional, active migration to overcome the native population. 

No Muslim coming to the U.K. (or anywhere else) is “immigrating” because he/she wants to be British. In fact, it’s the opposite. Migration, no matter what people may call it, is part of the Islamic ideology of Hijra.

Hijra is the “most important method of spreading Islam.” Solomon and Al Maqdisi’s preeminent work, Modern Day Trojan Horse, explains the principle of migration as jihad, within the context of Islamic laws and traditions.

Hijra is a massive political movement.

Its primary goal is to “view the immigration of Muslims to the West is to be regarded as the most important step on the ladder for achieving the establishment of an Islamic state in the West. This is the primary objective of Islamic mission in the West.” 

It’s important to understand that no Muslim will ever migrate to the U.K. to “integrate” or “assimilate.” There is no such concept in Islam.

Second, procreation and burdening the welfare system. 

Muslim births outnumber non-Muslim births in some areas by 8:1, keeping in line with the Hadith, “Marry, for I will outnumber peoples by you.” The more people, the more of a financial burden to impose on non-Muslims by going on welfare. In fact, the majority of Muslims are on welfare.

Exploiting the welfare system is justifiable because, “the normal situation is to take money from the kuffar [non-believer]. You work, give us the money.”

In the UK, The Sun exposed Imam Anjem Choudary and others, urging Muslims to claim unemployment to have more time to plan jihad against non-Muslims.

Third, destruction of existing culture and increased crime. 

The exponential increase in the Islamic population is directly linked to exponential increases in crime. Muslims control the prisons and are actively seeking to destroy democracy by creating “no-go zones” within de facto Shari’a judicial systems, organized under the Islamic Sharia Council.

Only a few years ago, on July 7, 2011, exactly six years after the London Tube Bombings (when Muslim suicide bombers killed 52 people and injured 800 others), the Islamic Emirates Project was launched. It seeks to transform Muslim communities (specifically twelve British cities) into independent areas operating solely under Shari’a law, and it succeeding.

In one strategy document they state, “The Only Identity for Muslims is Islam … In no shape or form can a Muslim support any form of nationalism such as promoting Britishness.”

Fourth, actively engage in converting non-Muslims to Islam.

Over the last decade Muslim immigrants and converts have more than doubled in the U.K. According to a recent Faith Matters think tank report, more than 5,000 Brits convert to Islam each year in the U.K.

Islam teaches dhimmitude– which divides all non-Muslims into two groups.

  1. The polytheists, “pagans, idolaters and heathens” are given a choice to convert to Islam or die.
  2. Jews and Christians, known as “people of the book,” dhimmi, and/or Kuffar, are legally classified as third class citizens. They first must be humiliated and subjugated to pay a tax (Jizyah) in increasing amounts to Muslim-majority rulers. (Going on welfare is how Islamists impose Jizyah in Western countries.)

After Jizyah is implemented, Christians and Jews are given time to convert or leave their town, region, and eventually, country. If the Kuffar can’t or don’t pay the Jizyah, convert to Islam, or move, Muhammad states that peace is impossible and the Kuffar must be caught and beheaded (9:29; 22:19; 47:4).

Unless non-Muslims understand Islam, it’s political, totalitarian ideology, and goals, they will be conquered. Their culture will be lost. Their people, wiped out.

February 25, 2016

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