Video: American Islamists on “Religious Racism” 101: Muslims Are the New “Black People of America” [video]

At a recent MAS-ICNA Convention several Islamist leaders in America spoke to Muslim leaders about how to leverage their status in America and advance Islam.

First, Islamic centers and mosques should leverage the Black Lives Matter movement by using the sense of “injustice” to relate to and bring blacks into Islam. It is the perfect opportunity to harness their feelings of resentment and anger and channel it towards the goals of Islam.

Second, the head of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a Muslim Brotherhood and terrorist organization operating as a 501C3 organization in America, instructs imams, clerics, scholars, and other Muslim leaders to:

“Turn your Islamic centers and your mosques into registration centers for voters, into polling stations, into voting centers.

“Your votes are your negotiating power in the year 2016.”

He adds, “Black Lives Matter is ‘our matter.’ We have to help those people because their causes [of injustice] are our causes [as Muslims].”

If you can stomach listening to the entire seven minute clip, you will be an eyewitness of Civilization Jihad occurring in America. Islam is and has never been about integrating or assimilating into a non-Islamic culture, but is solely focused on infiltrating it to ultimately change it into an Islamic country.

Khalilah Sabra, who has appeared before numerous federal agencies related to immigration and homeland security, introduces a new term into the English vocabulary called, “religious racism.” She argues that America has not seen such racism in over 100 years– telling Muslims:

“Basically, you are the ‘New Black People’ of America.”

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