Vietnam Finally Gets a Veterans Recognition Day: March 29 [videos]

March 29 was declared Vietnam Veterans Recognition Day in 2012 for Americans to remember and thank those who served “in one of the most divisive conflicts in U.S. history.”

On March 29, 1973, the last U.S. troops left Vietnam, ending 11 years of war and more than 58,00 Americans dead.

The Vietnam Memorial, built in 1982 and erected in 1984, includes the Vietnam Memorial Wall, The Three Servicemen and the Women’s Memorial statues.

The Wall stretches the eye towards the Washington Monument, in the east, and the Lincoln Memorial, to the west, putting the Vietnam Veterans Memorial into a historical context. Composed of 70 separate inscribed granite panels, each 40 inches in width. The Wall is 246.75 feet long and 10.1 feet high.

A total of 58,272 names are listed on the Memorial Wall. Approximately 1200 of them are listed as missing (MIA’s, POW’s, and others). The names are listed in chronological order, according to the casualty date, and alphabetized within each day.



Three Servicemen Memorial


Vietnam Womens Memorial

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