Watch the Chaos that Ensues When a Police Officer Questions 11-Year Old Repeat Offender. Guess Where.

The chaos that ensues after a police officer questions a young Muslim migrant, who by age 11 is already a repeat offender. Among the Muslim community this boy is considered a local celebrity– because of his run-ins with the law.

Sadly, the below video reveals what occurs on a regular basis now, in Berlin, Germany. According to BZ Berlin News, a police officer began to question 11 -year-old Mustafa El-M who was trying to start the engine of a car in Berlin. Within minutes a crowd of up to 70 people began to confront and insult the police officer.

The officer had to call for backup, including dogs, and officers wearing stab-proof vests.  The video shows at least 20 hostile women and children insulting and pushing the police, calling them “dogs.”

Listen to how loud the crowd gets and the way they are treating the police for simply trying to enforce the law and ensure the safety of all drivers.

Even Mustafa’s mother is seen approaching and yelling at the police. For some reason, it does not concern her that her 11 year-old was breaking the law, or has broken the law more than once.

Mustafa’s 21-year-old brother was arrested after chaos escalated, he tried to free a man already in handcuffs, refused to leave the area, and was eventually held down. The police explained:

“By using irritant gas the police succeeded in preventing his attempt and managed to arrest this aggressive man.”

Police were able to maintain order using batons and pepper spray. But his mother continued to cause trouble, which is truly remarkable.

All of this chaos because people reject western law.

Police reported the following charges were made for: breach of the peace, attempted assault, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, and resisting law enforcement officers.

All 11 year-olds are prohibited from stealing and driving cars.

Yet for some reason this group thinks Mustafa should be the exception. And that the laws of the country they are living in do not apply to them.

In Berlin the insanity continues.

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