Welcome to the Jungle, Bringing Calais to It’s Knees [video]

The 1987 smash hit “Welcome to the Jungle,” by Guns N’ Roses aptly describes the plight of Calais, France. Except it’s not fun and games.

The Telegraph reports that the migrant population in Calais has doubled since June to nearly 10,000, “turning the squalid camp into a lawless ‘no-go zone’ simmering with inter-ethnic tensions.”

Imagine men from Afghanistan, Sudan, Pakistan, and other African and East Asian countries fighting each other for control over an area in a major port city with direct ferries and Chanel tunnel access to the U.K.

Gilles Debove, an official with the SGP FO police union, told the Telegraph, “It’s an explosive situation. There are fights all the time in the camp.”

Migrants stay in the camp waiting to gain illegal entrance into England or for asylum approval in France. Only 1,145 migrants were sent back to their country of origin in the last eight months, 4 percent less than during the same time period last year, the Telegraph reports.

“Every night there are about 1,000 migrants on the roads leading to the ferry port and to the Channel tunnel entrance,” DeBove said, who are trying to get on to trucks to reach England. Roughly 50-80 people are arriving every day, mostly by train from other areas in France.

He added that for a long time it was Afghans who largely populated the jungle, but recently the Sudanese have gained control. France is offering asylum but the application process is slow. Only about 30 migrants leave the jungle every day to be transported to migrant centers throughout the country.



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