Will the Real Americans Please Stand Up?

Jeremy Dodge is an American songwriter and defender of the U.S. Constitution who recently began speaking out about basic constitutional principles that continue to be ignored, violated, or forgotten.

He mentions that several years ago he didn’t know what or how he personally could positively improve any of the numerous challenges facing America. But a breaking point arrived when it seemed to Dodge that no end was in sight to the rapidly increasing deterioration of American socio-economic life. He said,

I just knew I couldn’t sit down any longer and watch as my country, my America was being changed into something that I didn’t even recognize.  It was then that I realized, I was falling for the lie that I couldn’t make a difference, that I was just one voice in a sea of millions but that never has been nor ever will be the truth.”

He cites perhaps America’s greatest leader and first president, George Washington, who affirmed, “The Constitution is the guide which I will never abandon.”

This commitment to defending the Constitution is one Dodge shares with many Americans, and his growing fan base on social media. Millions of concerned American citizens are increasingly troubled by local, state, and federal government officials who blatantly ignore the most basic “shall not be infringed” prohibitions clearly outlined in the Constitution.

Dodge decided to take action and began writing, singing, and producing music videos to encourage Americans to “stand up” to restore America’s foundational principles of liberty, freedom, and unity. He tells Americans, “this is your country, our voices do matter but if we choose to remain silent, if we choose not to stand up, then we lose by default.”

From singing about being proud to be an American to belting out “God bless America,” Dodge identifies the liberties that are systematically being stripped away by media elites and fascist leaders.

His most recent song, “Stand Up, 2nd Amendment Style,” addresses the ongoing and largely false claims made by gun control advocates.

In-between sound bites of Ronald Reagan and JFK, he sings:

… when politicians take from you and me the very liberties that set us free – so stand up and fight – for this “democracy” is you and me 

“will the real Americans please stand up – divided we’ve fallen but united we’ll stand.”

Who will stand for America?

Dodge has been asking this for years. Addressing his own thoughts about “stepping out of his comfort zone,” he says:

We need to get out of our comfort zones, we need to be bold and open our mouths and speak the truth in love.  It is the knowledge of the truth that will set our country free.  For far too long we have been silent, while the outspoken minorities have slowly changed the God ordained direction our country was created to head.  No one in history who has stood up and made a difference was comfortable doing so, but that didn’t stop them.  The love that they had for their country was greater than the fear of man’s opinion of them and so they stood.  Where do you stand?  You are either for America or not. There is no in between.  We can no longer shift between two opinions on the back of apathy or fear, we must stand up and stand our ground without fear and full of love.”

October 12, 2015

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