Without These American Businessmen Hitler Never Could Have Risen to Power [documentary]

After World War I, Germany was in dire straits. It’s people were starving and its cities were decimated. Germany had no capability to build an army, let alone have resources for transportation, ammunition, fuel, or communication. It was impossible for Germany to rebuild or gain access to resources without American businessmen.

The only reason Hitler came to power or had any resources at all was solely because of American businessmen who sought financial profit above everything else. General Motors and Standard Oil played such pivotal roles that without them Hitler would not have even been able to drive a car out of Berlin.

The largest corporations in the United States that funded Hitler’s rise to power include:

  • The Rockefeller Empire: Standard Oil supplied gasoline, ethanol derivatives for airplanes, diesel for ships and tanks; helped build factories and provided supplies directly to Germany. Direct financial deals were made between Germany and the Rockefellers. IG Farbin continued its business relationship with Standard Oil throughout the war. Standard Oil continued to supply Germany, despite the fact that America was facing a near collapse and had a rubber supply of zero.
  • Torkild Rieber, the Chairman of Texaco: also supplied gasoline, diesel to Germany.
  • James D. Mooney, General Motors: helped Germany build a new state of the art manufacturing plant that processed hundreds of cars overnight for the military and German civilians. Without the Opel Blitz cars, Hitler would not have been able to invade anywhere. It was the American company– General Motors– that built the factories and helped produce these cars.
  • Henry and Edsel Ford: expanded automobile manufacturing in Germany; sold 8 cylinder engines for German jeeps; provided 25 percent of its rubber at the plant for the German military, and 1,000 trucks overnight– on demand– for the Germany army. The trucks were assembled at night in secret at the Ford plant in Cologne.
  • Thomas Watson, IBM president: created and sold the mechanized information system that the Nazis used to record military progress, weapons updates, and surveillance. IBM built a factory that produced what became called, “the Watson Machine,” which enabled a new cataloguing method used in the Great 1939 census of Jews in Germany, Sudentenland, and Austria. On punched cards each Jew was registered in detail, identified as full, half, and quarter Jew, going back at least three generations. IBM’s information gathering tools enabled Hitler to round up the Jews listed through Watson’s machine, and the catalogued numbers associated with Jews used in the concentration camps. IBM also used forced labor to produce the information used by the Watson Machine.

Interestingly, the Ford, GM, and IBM plants were not destroyed by the Allies bombs.

Ford, Mooney, and Watson were each awarded the Grand Cross of the German Eagle — the highest distinction the Nazis could give non-Germans for their services to the Third Reich.

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