Huckabee Tells it like it is: “The Establishment Has Ruined This Country” [VIDEO]

On Fox Business News the former Republican presidential candidate Governor Mike Huckabee explained again why Donald Trump is resonating so well with voters. He says: The establishment guys just don’t get it. The reason why Trump is doing so well is because the establishment has done so poorly for America. They’ve ruined this country.” Huckabee arguesRead moreRead more

Justice Scalia: Supreme Court is Destroying What’s Left of Constitutional Republic

Most of America’s judiciary, including the Supreme Court, no longer bases its rulings on the U.S. Constitution, Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonin Scalia contends. He recently spoke to Santa Clara University Law School students in San Jose, California, sharing that the Supreme Court has been liberal since he was sworn in in 1986. He remarked that the Supreme CourtRead moreRead more

Must Watch: How to Brainwash a Nation in 8 Minutes [video]

In 1985 G. Eward Griffin interviewed on camera a former KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov who explained the four basic steps those in power use to socially engineer attitudes and behaviors of entire populations. What Bemenov refers to as “psychological warfare,” otherwise called “ideological subversion” or “active measures,” are frequently used on entire populations by governmentRead moreRead more

Conservative’s Filthy Language About Donald Trump ASTOUNDS [WARNING: Offensive Language]

Most conservative pundits have been criticizing GOP front-runner Donald Trump for his foul language, or “offensive” demeanor. It’s no secret that Trump can be “equally offensive” to both Republicans and Democrats. However, what isn’t being reported by mostly everyone is the language conservatives use to describe how vile they believe Trump is. By doing so,Read moreRead more

Melissa Harris Perry: “Children Don’t Belong to their Parents” [video]

Melissa Harris Perry, a professor, television host, and political commentator clarifies the mindset behind Common Core: children do not belong to their parents. They are “valuable data” to be used by and for the state. Contrary to biology, Natural Law, and the U.S. Constitution, she argues: We haven’t had a very collective notion of ‘these are ourRead moreRead more

Constitution: No, You Don’t Have the “Right” to Do Whatever You Want

If people can define, grant and protect human rights, they also can redefine, constrain and/or eliminate them. If people can create equal living, learning, and economic environments, equal levels of human intelligence, athleticism, aptitude or any other quality, then people could redefine, alter, limit, or eliminate such classifications of equality. However, if human rights areRead moreRead more

Hate Speech is not Protected Speech

Hate speech is not “free speech” and is not protected by the U.S. Constitution. In fact, the Constitution protects victims from those who commit hate crimes, which includes hate speech. Under U.S. law, hate crimes involve: Offenses involving actual or perceived race, color, religion, or national origin, Offenses involving actual or perceived religion, national origin,Read moreRead more

A New Movement Sweeping America: The Ninth and Tenth Amendment Coalition

  Karl P. Koenigs and Michael Ranney, Retired USAF 3E971 Readiness, and many others, have been spreading the word about a coalition of patriots banding together to defend the U.S. Constitution, specifically, the 9th and 10th Amendments, called the Solidarity for Ninth and TENTH Amendments Coalition. Koenigs is the Coalition’s National Chairman and Senior Adviser, and leads several patriotic groups includingRead moreRead more

What Every American Christian Needs to Know About Iran [videos]

Iran (the modern name for Persia) represents one of the most ancient civilizations in the world. Its land and people are inextricably linked to critical biblical historical events and prophecy. Despite decades of disastrous American foreign policy that has all but destroyed the remnant of its ancient civilization, 21st century Christians should recognize their faith isRead moreRead more

LA Film Festival Winner Glorifies Sex With a Dolphin [VIDEO]

Last year I reported on bestiality, and on my radio show discussed the comments I received from zoophiles who justify their mutual “sexual relationship” with non-human animals, like zebras, as normal. I pointed to a new documentary coming out about a man, Malcolm Brenner, who describes his mutual sexual relationship and “summer-long love affair withRead moreRead more