In May, 499 “Syrian Refugees” Entered the U.S. Guess How Many Were Christians?

The widespread persecution of Christians throughout the Levant has raised international awareness and action to rescue Christians who are facing near extinction at the hand of Islam. In communities were Christians lived in Syria for thousands of years, there are nearly none left. Either they are all dead or they have fled elsewhere. Despite thisRead moreRead more

Abortion Clinic Workers Admit to Killing Babies Outside of Womb [video]

In the book, Complications: Abortions Impact on Women, the authors cite a 1995 Stanford Law & Policy Review, in which abortionists explain how they dealt with late-term abortions in the 1990’s. Authors Wachbroit and Wasserman reported in, “Patient Autonomy and Value Neutrality Nondirective Genetic Counseling” (Stanford Law & Policy Review 1995; 6 (2): 103 – 11)Read moreRead more

Iran’s Crackdown on “Vulgar Western Culture” Includes Confiscating Dogs from their Owners

The Times of Israel recently reported that Iranian officials have been forcibly entering people’s homes and confiscating their dogs to “crackdown” on “vulgar Western culture.” Iranian prosecutor Mohsen Boosaidi launched a new anti-dog policy, telling the Fars News Agency: Keeping and caring for dogs is haram (forbidden) according to religious leaders. If we find out that anyoneRead moreRead more

Did You Know: A Christian Pastor Wrote the Pledge of Allegiance?

Interestingly, an upstate New York Baptist minister’s son, Francis Bellamy wrote the Pledge of Allegiance years after following his father’s footsteps into the pulpit and then out into the public square in New York City and Boston. Later in his life, Bellamy accepted a job to promote a family magazine, Youth’s Companion, which had aRead moreRead more

Thousands of Syrians and Egyptians Are Pleading for Bibles. Will You Help Them?

In spite of the horrendous persecution, devastation, and destruction occurring throughout the Levant, people in distress are calling out to God. And they are asking Christians to help them receive bibles in their language. Reports of people in Islamic-controlled countries are coming to know who Jesus Christ is, and they yearn for more. In nearlyRead moreRead more

Gaza Cleric Instructs Men on “How to Hit Your Wife” [VIDEO]

It’s in the Qur’an, folks. Muhammad allegedly punched his 9-year-old bride Aisha in the chest. Muhammad instructed men to beat their wives if they were disobedient. Read Surah IV, “Women.” This Palestinian cleric provides instruction, if husbands are confused about how to beat their wives. And– he explains how to do it so that menRead moreRead more

Celebrating the Constitution: Do You Know Who Wrote it? [VIDEO]

James Madison, the youngest member of the Continental Congress, was nickname, “Father of the Constitution,” and “Father of the Founding Fathers,” because he wrote the first draft of the Constitution and all of the Bill of Rights. He suffered from epilepsy and had frail health. Yet, despite these difficulties, he accomplished incredible feats. Madison wasRead moreRead more

Who is America’s Lady Liberty, Columbia?

Columbia, also known as Lady Liberty, is the historical and poetic name attributed to the United States of America. She personifies American ideals during significant historical eras, always representing hope, freedom, and liberty. Columbia, also known as “Miss America,” or Lady Liberty, was first personified by an Indian Queen. This voluptuous Native American woman oftenRead moreRead more

Retired Army General Says Obama Should Be Impeached

Article III, Section III of the U.S. Constitution defines treason against the United States as 1) “consist[ing] only in levying war against them,” or 2) “in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort.” Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin, a former Delta Force commander, along with others, argues that Obama is giving aid and comfort to America’s enemiesRead moreRead more

D-Day: The Beginning of the End of the War in Europe [HISTORIC VIDEO FOOTAGE]

D-Day was the largest amphibious assault in history. The Battle of Normandy, from June-August 1944, resulted in the Allied liberation of Western Europe from Nazi Germany. Called Operation Overlord, 156,000 American, British and Canadian forces landed on five beaches covering 50 miles of coastline heavily fortified by the Germans. The weather, and a large-scale deceptionRead moreRead more