Mormonism is Not Christianity

Reading the results of the Pew poll about Mormonism, reminds me of what Martin Luther King Jr. wrote in “Strength to Love”: “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” The fact that two thirds of mainline Protestants and Catholics believe Mormonism is a Christian religion is an unfortunateRead moreRead more

Jesus, Taxes and Proof-Texting

Here’s the problem with liberals like Erika Christakis: they misuse Christian Scripture for their own political purposes, which is exactly what Jesus was against. She recently argued in TIME magazine that Republican Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan is “un-Christian” because of his budget proposal. Her complete distortion of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5Read moreRead more

Think the U.S. Military Won’t Fire on Americans, Veterans? Think Again.

In 1932 45,000 World War I veterans, many with families, traveled from across America to Washington, D.C. to lobby Congress to financially compensate them based on a 1924 law promising them financial compensation for their service, in the form of a “bonus,” paid as a bond redeemable in 1945. The veterans called the “bonus” theRead moreRead more

The Watch: 240 Years of U.S. Naval Excellence, Celebrating the U.S. Navy’s Birthday

October 13, 2015 is the 240th anniversary of the United States Navy. The unofficial motto of the U.S. Navy is “Non sibi sed patriae” (Not for self but for country). At the beginning of the Revolutionary War the new Continental Congress had little financial resources and was divided over strategy. General George Washington left Congressional debateRead moreRead more

Sheriff Clarke: The Second Amendment Freed the Slaves 

Sheriff David Clarke recently discussed his commitment to defending the U.S. Constitution. He noted that while the 13th and 14th Amendments freed American slaves– it was the Second Amendment that truly won their freedom. Clarke began by explaining history. He said: Now as it relates to the Second Amendment, it has special meaning to me, and here’s why. As you know, whenRead moreRead more

Perhaps the Best Explanation of the Second and Third Amendment, From a Crash Dummy [video]

Perhaps one of the best explanations of the Second and Third Amendment is explained by a short five minute video available on Youtube, “Gun Control for Dummies, It’s Common Sense.” The Crash Dummy reviews the first ten amendments to the Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and explains its context. Each amendment was listed in aRead moreRead more

If 39 Percent of the Elderly Want to Die Because They’re Lonely, Should the State Pay for their Suicide?

The Oregon Public Health Division recently released its annual report, “Death with Dignity Act 2015 Data,” which details the number of people who requested physician-assisted suicide last year, and why. The report states its data is derived from the required reporting forms and death certificates that the Oregon Public Health Division receives (as of January 27, 2016).Read moreRead more

Bernie Sanders on God: the “Populist Prophet” or Rape Satirist?

The Washington Post recently interviewed Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, (Bernie) about his “faith.” The Post suggests that Sanders could be the “first Jewish president — but as one of the few modern presidents to present himself as not religious.” Sanders went to Hebrew school, was bar mitzvahed, and worked on a kibbutz in Israel, yet, today heRead moreRead more

This 43-Minute Documentary Explains How Central Bankers Are Behind All Wars [VIDEO]

History indicates that most wars dating back to the American Revolution are directly connected to currency and banking regulations. Private central bankers funded both sides of wars dating back to 1791. In the below documentary, Michael Rivero explains how this became possible. The modern banking system manufactures money out of nothing. The process is perhapsRead moreRead more

Racism in America isn’t “Racism” but Something Strange is Going on …

Born with the wrong skin color; a white woman says she is black and her white biological parents aren’t her parents. Rachel Dolezal, a white woman was outed for pretending to be a black woman who became the Spokane WA NAACP president. Racism isn’t about race. People who hate authority, have no respect for others,Read moreRead more