Watch Immigration in America Change in 16 Images [interactive map]

Pew Research Center provides information about how immigration has changed in America since 1850. It reports that nearly 59 million immigrants have entered the U.S. since 1965– making America the #1 destination in the world to move to. Mexico “is the source of the largest wave of immigration in history from a single country to the United States.”Read moreRead more

Watch: The Children of the Caliphate [video]

Recent suicide bomber attacks are increasingly being reported as having been committed by children. Improvised explosive device (IED) used in the July 2015 attacks in the border town of Suruc, the October 2015 bombing in Ankara, and the recent bombing in Gaziantep, were all reportedly committed by children. The most recent, officials report, was 12-years-old, according to Turkey’s presidentRead moreRead more

EASY MEAT: A Comprehensive Report of British Officials Covering Up Muslim Pedophile Rings FOR DECADES [video]

Peter McClaughlin exposes decades of illegal and irresponsible behavior of British government officials and British police who covered up the existence of rampant sex-trafficking of young white girls by mostly immigrant Muslim men. Easy Meat, chronicles factual evidence of social workers, police officers, Muslim organizations, journalists, and even some Members of Parliament, who knew about Islamic groomingRead moreRead more

In Case You Missed It: August was “Muslim Appreciation & Awareness Month”

The California State Assembly passed HR 59, a resolution declaring that August, 2016 was: “Muslim Appreciation and Awareness Month.” This is the first time any state has designated a calendar month to recognize Islamic ideology. Californians can thank state assemblyman Bill Quirk, D–Hayward, and everyone else who voted to pass the resolution. HR 59 to recognizeRead moreRead more

Where Law & Justice Lose: Meet the Prejudicial Twin Falls Leaders Continuing to Protect Child Molesters, Not Their Disabled Female Prey

The Idaho government has recently publicized its policy of institutionalized protection of child molesters who prey on and teach others to abuse Down Syndrome (DS) children. Apparently, DS children and their parents aren’t believable. DS children make things up. They exaggerate. They don’t even understand what they are saying, and can’t talk like “normal people.”Read moreRead more

German and Austrian Sexual Assault Prevention Flyers Aren’t Working. Wonder Why …

The Austrian government created a flyer (also used by Switzerland) to educate and prevent Muslim migrant men from sexually assaulting its women. But the flyers aren’t working. In the latest string of sexual assaults, a “dark-skinned” young foreign man preyed on a 13-year-old Austrian girl at a pool in Mistelbach, Austria. Russia Today reported that he followed her intoRead moreRead more

A Reminder: Muhammad Ali Was Not a Great Man [video]

This former Muslim woman who escaped Somalia and became a Christian now living in Sweden, explains why the glorification of the former champion heavyweight boxer Muhammad Ali is offensive. It’s offensive to Christians, to black Africans and to women. And she’s right. Muhammad Ali might have been a great fighter, but he was a manRead moreRead more

INSANITY: DHS Deletes Nearly 1,000 Potential Terrorists from Terrorist Database

Judicial Watch uncovered documents from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that evidence a “hands off list,” which essentially removed nearly 1,000 suspected individuals with ties to Islamic terrorist groups– specifically after the Boston Marathon bombing, which included the San Bernardino killers. Obama’s priority was to ensure that the “civil rights of suspected terrorists” wereRead moreRead more

ASTOUNDING: Sweden’s Crushing Debt Pays for Nearly Half of All ‘Unaccompanied Minors’ Entering Europe

Sweden has received nearly half of all “unaccompanied minors” in Europe, which has pummeled its country into massive debt. Tobias Svensson writes for the Swedish newspaper, NyaTider, that Sweden has taken in 40 percent of every asylum seeker entering Europe. It has the largest number of “unaccompanied minors” who are young men from Afghanistan between theRead moreRead more

The Devil’s Campaign of Whispers: How Much Has Been Accomplished in 2016 America? [video]

In 1965 news commentator Paul Harvey opined about what the world would like if he was the devil. The recorded audio was revised in 1996, which was edited and posted online in the clip below. In order to rule the world, he says, he’d have to first take over America. To do that, the firstRead moreRead more