“Islamic Refugee” Arrested in New Mexico with U.S. Gas Pipeline Plans, and More

Judicial Watch has uncovered an “Islamic refugee” apprehended in New Mexico with copies of the region’s gas pipeline plans; an ISIS training camp 8 miles south of the Texas border; Mexican drug cartels smuggling ISIS fighters into the U.S.; and the Department of Homeland Security deliberately choosing not to document Middle Eastern men illegally entering ArizonaRead moreRead more

Incredible True Story of Two Olympians: A Black American & White German Who Defy Nazi Germany [videos]

A terrific movie came out in 2015 depicting the true story of two unlikely world-class athletes who defied each of their country’s expectations and broke several international barriers of skin color, ethnicity, and ideology– and the 1936 Olympic Games. RACE tells the story of one black American who faced challenges at home to even make it toRead moreRead more

The Fight of the Century: Another Black Athlete Wins Big for America [videos]

The 2002 movie, Joe and Max tells the story of American boxing legend Joe Louis and German icon and heavyweight boxing champion Max Schmeling. It also conveys the even more important sub story of the very real struggles represented by their 1936 match, and resoundingly symbolic 1938 rematch. Louis won his first 27 fights andRead moreRead more

SILENT SCREAM: A Critical Documentary that Exposes the Islamic Practice of FGM

SILENT SCREAM is a drama-documentary created by 27 women living in the Bristol area of England that seeks to dismantle the myths and misconceptions often used to justify FGM. The documentary’s creators estimate that more than 20,000 girls are at risk of being subjugated to female genital mutilation (FGM) in the UK. The documentary’s estimateRead moreRead more