She Waited 71 Years for a Bible

The Christian non-profit organization, Asia Harvest reports that its team recently met a woman in Myanmar (Burma), who shared her story of wanting a bible in her own language since she was a child. She finally got one at 84-years-old. She said: I was born in December 1931. My parents were very poor so I startedRead moreRead more

Islamic Scholar Clarifies “Defensive Jihad” [video]

Islamic scholar Ayatollah Ahmad Al a Al Baghdadi explains “Defensive Jihad,” arguing if it were properly implemented, Islamists would successfully “invade the world.” He states, “This is not just my opinion. It’s the opinion of all five Islamic sects.” To theoretically invade America, for example, Islamists would “tell the Americans, ‘we debate them in a transparent way;’ aRead moreRead more