The only bogus claims are those made by CAIR

The purpose of my Axis Mundi column in The Washington Times is to address issues, problems, solutions and encouragement for Christians about a range of issues that are important to faith and family. In the queue are drafts about ministers, religious freedom, elections and state- or event-specific issues. The column to which Nihad Awad, nationalRead moreRead more

The Cost of Being a Christian in China: Being Buried Alive

China Aid, a Texas-based group, reported that on Monday a house church leader and his wife were buried alive by the Chinese government because they interfered with government officials destroying their church in Zhumadian, Henan province. On April 14, a government-backed company dispatched personnel to bulldoze  province, after a local developer wished to take control ofRead moreRead more

Should Christian parents take their children out of public school? [videos]

Exodus Mandate advocates, “yes, absolutely”– and provides a wealth of resources to help parents exit “Pharaoh’s school system.” Its founder Chaplain E. Ray Moore, author of  Let My Children Go, explains, “every church is a school and every parent is a teacher.” He adds: There is no reason Christian parents should send their precious children to a pagan, atheistic,Read moreRead more

Should Pastors Run for Political Office? [VIDEO]

Pastors have the unique opportunity, more than anyone else, to “make America great again.” In his 1958 book, Stride Toward Freedom, Martin Luther King, Jr. argued that pastors must play a critical role in politics. While pastoring the Montgomery Alabama Dexter Avenue Baptist Church, he wrote, The important thing is for every minister to dedicate himselfRead moreRead more

Donald Trump Tells Brody File: “I want to give power back to the church”

In an exclusive interview with CBN’s The Brody File, GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump stated that he wants Christian pastors to be able to speak more boldly from the pulpit because, “the church has to have more power.” Trump told Brody that the Johnson Amendment never should have been passed, which altered the U.S. tax codeRead moreRead more

What Every American Christian Needs to Know About Iran [videos]

Iran (the modern name for Persia) represents one of the most ancient civilizations in the world. Its land and people are inextricably linked to critical biblical historical events and prophecy. Despite decades of disastrous American foreign policy that has all but destroyed the remnant of its ancient civilization, 21st century Christians should recognize their faith isRead moreRead more

What the Bible Really Says about Transgender

A movement to justify “transgender” sexual behavior “because it’s in the Bible” or because it’s the “Christian thing to do,” continues on the stage of both the theatre and the White House. But neither actor ever mentions what the Bible specifically says about transgender behavior– that it is an “abomination.”   The latest example ofRead moreRead more