Happy 241st Birthday U.S. Army

Today is the 241st birthday of the U.S. Army. “For 241 years … our Soldiers have answered our Nation’s call to defend our freedom. This year’s birthday theme … embodies my readiness priority … As an American Soldier, you are the best trained, best equipped, best manned and best led Army in the world. You haveRead moreRead more

The Watch: 240 Years of U.S. Naval Excellence, Celebrating the U.S. Navy’s Birthday

October 13, 2015 is the 240th anniversary of the United States Navy. The unofficial motto of the U.S. Navy is “Non sibi sed patriae” (Not for self but for country). At the beginning of the Revolutionary War the new Continental Congress had little financial resources and was divided over strategy. General George Washington left Congressional debateRead moreRead more

First Black Pastor to Preach to Congress Cited Biblical Opposition to Slavery, Founders’ Support for Thirteenth Amendment

What most Americans may not realize is that early Americans opposed and even outlawed slavery. By the 1770s Pennsylvanian, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and others had passed anti-slavery laws—which the Tories opposed. King George III’s British governors in America vetoed every anti-slavery law the American colonists passed. (Less than one percent of colonists in theRead moreRead more