ABUNDANTLY CLEAR: Listen to What This Jerusalem Mosque Teaches [video]

Thanks to MEMRI TV, what is taught at a Jerusalem mosque is made quite clear: Oh Allah, Blow up capitals and planes of America and Russia. Pulverize their ships and kill their soldiers. “Subjugate them and burn them. “Bring about the Caliphate soon. “Make our mujahideen powerful.” But this is not just any mosque. It’sRead moreRead more

Iran’s Heritage: Persians Were First to Advocate Human Rights for Jews, Among First Christians

Iran (the modern name for Persia) represents one of the most ancient civilizations in the world. Its land and people are inextricably linked to critical biblical historical events and prophecy. Despite decades of disastrous American foreign policy that has all but destroyed the remnant of its ancient civilization, 21st century Christians should recognize their faithRead moreRead more